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We are bridging the gap between the cash economy and the financial system, using emerging technology to empower people to reach their financial potential.

Cowry Accepted Here

1 Cowry = ₦ 1

Buy, Sell, And Transfer Cowry With Your Phone

Buy Cowry with Card

Forgot your cash at home? Buy Cowry quickly using any Naira debit card

Sell Cowry for Bank Transfer

Accept Cowry for your goods? Sell Cowry and transfer immediately to any bank account

Transfer Cowry to Anybody

Need to pay for something? Transfer below 2000 Cowry for free to anybody using their phone number or QR code

Buy and Sell Cowry for Cash

Need cash urgently? Sell your Cowry to people you trust for cash


You Have Questions, We Have Answers

Cowry is a digital asset on the Stellar Blockchain Network that can be used to make small payments to other Cowry users. You can buy, sell, or transfer Cowry to other Cowry users using their phone numbers. Cowry is the only solution that is designed to enable small payments in a way that is convenient, affordable, and safe.
Cowry is currently available on the Google Play Store, iOS App Store, and through our Messenger Bot. In line with our mission, Cowry will be eventually rolled-out on USSD.
Yes. Every Cowry in circulation is backed by corresponding fiat in a bank account. Cowry is pegged to the Naira to ensure that the value of your Cowry remains the same as cash in your pocket.
Yes. All Cowry transactions are processed by the Stellar Blockchain Network, which optimizes for safety using the Stellar Consensus Protocol. We work with a PCIDSS-compliant payment processor to handle all bank transactions. All our databases are encrypted and communication with our servers are secured by SSL.
You can create a Cowry account using your name, phone number, and account PIN in less than a minute. Every Cowry account will be accessible on our multiple platforms.
Transferring Cowry is easy. Once you input the recipient’s phone number and your account PIN, the money will be transferred within 5 seconds.
You can buy Cowry using any Naira debit card. To buy Cowry using your card, enter your Cowry PIN and your card details. Your Cowry balance will be updated once the card payment is successful.
You can sell Cowry for immediate transfer to any Nigerian bank account. To sell Cowry for bank transfer, enter your Cowry PIN and your bank account details. Your Cowry balance will be updated once the money is deposited in your account.
Create a Cowry account: Free
Transfer Cowry: Free
Buy Cowry with debit card: 3%
Sell Cowry for bank transfer: ₦60
There is no additional procedure for merchants. Once you have a Cowry account, you can start accepting payments for goods you sell.
You will receive text message notifications for all Cowry transactions related to your account.
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